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Have you ever needed to make a monogram but didn’t know where to start? I had a custom order for some monogram stickers once and I ended up spending hours searching for the perfect font. When I couldn’t find one that could be mirrored to show symmetry I ended up having to merge two fonts together. All the time I spent on it was pretty much wasted. I didn’t realise at the time that there are tools available to make this type of workflow a lot easier. They are simple to use but a lot of fun.

Adding your initials and a frame is just the start!

This fabulous free tool is called the monogram maker and it has everything you need to create a quick yet slick looking monogram. It has a selection of fonts that are ideal for these kind of designs and I was ecstatic with the circular font as it really fired my imagination. Then there is a collection of frames and borders to suit many different styles, I was very excited about the mandala frames. Once you’ve chosen a font and frame you just add them to your design and it creates a new layer for you. You can then move the layers around and adjust the scale, colour, rotation and position of each element. While it looks very basic you can really work the layers to make something very special and unique to you.

What I really liked the most about this tool was the ability to add my own background images. I was initially stumped as to what images to use but then made this quick circle in Affinity Designer and added both an inner and outer shadow to make it look 3D. If you use the right colours and shapes to match your design if will really come to life. I was really happy with the contrasting colours of the red and black.

When you add a background you can really make it your own!

This got me wondering about where I could take it next. I really enjoyed building up the layers to see if I could get more elements to work together. I found that if you do not have any of your frames selected when you click another different frame it will keep adding your choices to the design. If they are already selected it will simply replace your first choice with the next one you select. Then I set about trying to see how many of the frames suited being layered together. This painted looking monogram has two frames layered together and this fabulous font placed on the top layer.

Two frames and a font layered together!

Once you are happy with your design you can click ‘Save’ and input your email address and it will then download your monogram to your download folder. It automatically saves this file as a png for you. You can save as many different versions of your design as you like so you can compare them all afterwards. I’ve been blown away by the ease of use of this tool and the ability to really shape the results. It’s something I would definitely recommend and a tool I will be using agin in the future.

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