How to survive 2020 – My Self-care tips

I want to share with you – how to survive 2020. I don’t make resolutions as I struggle to keep them. Then I end up starting my new year on the back foot. It’s not that I can’t commit to things or rise to a challenge. I’m just really not into the whole ‘new year new me’ stuff.

I’m not ready for a complete change just because it’s January. I just want to keep eating like it’s winter – because newsflash – it is! However much you try to dress it up it’s just the ‘same shit, different day’.

January-is-the-monday-of-the-year-postcard-and-new-notebook. How to survive 2020
Planning to learn lots of new things – postcard sent to me from Instantprint.

I do however like a retrospective or as they seem fond of saying in the games industry – a post mortem. For me the whole of January is a look-back to the previous year and my year starts in February. That’s when I really know which of the many ideas I want to take up. I usually spend January mulling things over. By the time Feb rolls round I am ready to get stuck in.

So here are my 6 self care routines to help you survive the beast that is 2020.

Be selective about where you get your news!

After the last three years of political upheaval I am being very selective with my news sources. The lies and smears have reached all of the MSM.

Inspire-me-educate-me-make-me-laugh How to survive 2020
Read things that will inspire, educate or make you laugh!

I guess I’m suggesting we all be mindful of how biased and agenda driven it the news is. Then remember how brazen things have become and don’t take everything you see / hear at face value. We’ve definitely gone backwards as far as showing respect is concerned.

Try having a conversation about homelessness and you’ll see what I mean. Food banks are becoming accepted as part of our society. While they are amazing, we shouldn’t need them and it’s ok to want change that makes them unnecessary. Accepting them as normal is like accepting a Dickensian or Distopian future as inevitable.

I’m trying not to bury my head. It’s important not to lose your compassion, or become numb to the needs of others. It can be a little overwhelming at times. With patience and research you can fact-check news stories to ease your fears. Many are not based on truth or facts – you will need to have this filter if you want to know how to survive 2020.

Listen to your favourite music or podcast while you travel.

I found myself becoming quite angry with other road users during my commute. It didn’t cross my mind that it was because I was listening to the radio. Then one day the news bulletin really stood out. Three stories one-after-another were very inappropriate for that time of day.

I-can't-adult-today-stickers How to survive 2020
I can’t adult today stickers

This was quite jarring for me as I studied Integrated Humanities at school. Media scheduling has changed so much since then.

  • Six o’clock news is light hearted as it’s family viewing time.
  • Nine o’clock news starts to get more serious.
  • They literally bring out the big guns for the 10 o’clock news.

Breakfast time used to be similar to the evening news as kids are listening before school. It’s the time when adults need easing into the day. When did we stop doing this?

Since that day I have been listening to my favourite music while I drive. I can’t bring myself to stay annoyed with other drivers. I also can’t recall the incidents in the same way I could before as they have no real impact now.

You're-my-absolute-favourite How to survive 2020
My favourite mixes from my favourite DJ

I’ve concluded that I need to let my mind wake up gently. It’s not good to stoke the fear glands so soon after my sleep has been stolen from me. The same could be said about my journey home. It’s a time of reflection of the days events and a time to unwind before I get some me time. I’m treating both this way and it’s working out nicely.

Allow yourself time to unwind before bed.

As I said in my first point above – I am trying not to bury my head. We don’t exist in a vacuum. While I consciously avoid the news during my commute you are bombarded with information throughout the day. Even if you don’t read the posts, billboards or articles your brain will still have absorbed the headlines. With all those buzzwords swimming around in your head it can be difficult to sleep.

My solution. Find some time in the evening to fact check the headlines to put my mind at rest. I then choose something more relaxing to do before bed.

Catching-up-on-all-the-boxsets-netflix How to survive 2020

I sleep a lot better if I come to some kind of conclusion on a topic. This does often mean accepting we are being lied to.

Give up the snooze button!

I’ve been a firm believer in hitting the snooze button. Having an extra 9 minutes rest seems like a kind thing to do for yourself. This is especially true when you’re not quite ready to get up. A few weeks ago I read that you’re actually just putting yourself into fight or flight mode repeatedly. I don’t think hitting snooze once is going to cause too much harm. Sadly, the recommendation is to get straight up.

Why do people do this to themselves?

Hello-sunshine How to survive 2020

I hesitantly decided to give this a try. But I was pretty sure that by not waking up slowly I would be exhausted. I edited my alarm settings so the snooze button never appears. My sleepy brain now knows this and understands that I can miss my alarm if I’m not careful.

I’ll admit that this does cause me to wake up earlier wondering if I’ve missed it my alarm. But this seems to make me less fried than having it go off every 9 minutes. I hate to admit that after just over a week I’ve felt more rested than I have done in years. It’s definitely worth a go, although it’s hard work the first week.

Remember that it’s ok to walk away!

Since the referendum I’ve had some very strange interactions with people I usually get on with. Initially these kind of things were shocking and some things were said. Now I understand the problem I find it easier to just walk away. I would say this is key to how to survive 2020 with your sanity.

If-you-keep-talking-i'll-keep-walking How to survive 2020

Some people appear to want to debate politics. They’ll comment on something political but all they have is talking points. If these talking points get challenged they often turn abusive. They say they’re not political then say some things that would normally not be considered polite. I’ve had to pinch myself a few times to work out if I actually heard what I think I heard.

These people just want to lash out because they’re angry and they haven’t realised it yet. However I’ve started to recognise the pattern. I now know when to move on and save myself from any further rudeness.

It’s sad that things have come to this. I do think that it’s best to accept it for what it is – this is good self care. You don’t have to stay and battle it out. Nothing you say will change their perspective, until maybe the next talking point contradicts the original one.

Do more of what you love – how to survive 2020

Now that you’ve created these self-care routines they should help you have less angst. Getting better sleep should give you more headspace to be creative. This means you can find more time to relax by doing more of what you love. Whether it’s gaming or crafting you can push forward into 2020 and develop your existing skills or learn new ones.

Do-more-of-what-you-love How to survive 2020

I knew 2020 would cause me anxiety so I bought a Switch and have been getting into some Indy games. The only AAA title I’ve bought so far is Tetris – my all-time favourite game. I will of course be buying Animal Crossing in March though.

I’ve been selling off the crafting supplies I don’t use to make space for new ones that I will. I’ve booked into a sewing lesson so I can finally make things with my Nan’s sewing machine.

These are all things I’ve wanted to do for ages. I’m so happy that I’ve finally got the motivation to do them all. Not a new me, just the same me with more inspiration.

I hope you now know how to survive 2020. If you are looking for new projects for 2020 I can recommend #the100dayproject – Read about my project last year here. You can find the images on my Instagram profile here.

Have you been putting off learning new things as you’ve been worried about the year ahead? Leave a comment and let me know.



  1. 4 February 2020 / 16:48

    I’m with you on the news and tend to be much more selective now. I do still watch spotlight our local news, as it generally includes some uplifting stories. If there was more positive informative news I’m sure it would aid people’s well-being.

    • 10 February 2020 / 13:20

      Yep, I do think there should be lots more uplifting and informative news. We could then leave the doom and gloom to 9pm or 10pm as it used to be. But saying that, I can handle bad news as long as it’s still informative and not just fear-mongering. I like to know how things actually are so I can have it set in my head and work with it or around it. 😛

  2. 4 February 2020 / 16:57

    I love these pointers – I am continually trying to jog my brain into not going down a rabbit hole of anxiety or irritability! I love the one on the alarm. a good place for tips on staying healthy is School of Life – lots of mini how to’s that make sense! Im going to look out a game too – ive been playing spider solitaire toooo long!

    • 10 February 2020 / 13:29

      Thanks, it can easily be done and it can wipe out the whole day and sometimes longer if you’re not careful. I find doing my own research on a subject at a set time helps me limit how much I can read while also forming a helpful conclusion on how I feel about the topic.

      Games help me so much. The day they came to fit new windows / balcony door – I started a new game and the drilling didn’t bother me at all. If you are playing on PC I would recommend a game called ‘A Short Hike’ as a colleague recently told me about it. I also like ‘Monument Valley’ as I’ve played that on my phone many times now and it’s still a challenge.

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