Design Guides

I get approached by many potential customers to print their current designs on my recycled materials. The designs were generally originally created to be printed on smooth white card or white stickers.  This means they often need some tweaking to look their best on what is essentially textured material with small colour variations.

With this in mind, I have created some design guides for the following types of prints:

  • Business Cards
  • Stickers
  • Tags


These design guides have been created to give you a visual understanding of what will work and what will be problematic. I find a visual example works best as it strips back any terminology barriers that we may otherwise experience.

The optimal outcome is to make the design look the same on the textured card or stickers so you won’t see the difference. I’m definitely not suggesting you change your lovely Helvetica font for Conic Sans because that would just be ridiculous.  Unless you are a balloon seller or run a bouncy castle.

I’ve created a bit of a checklist – because who doesn’t love a list? This will also work as a guide for anyone designing their own artwork for these materials.


  • Logo Design*

*What to look out for when commissioning a custom logo design.  What you need to consider to be able to use your logo on all your social media and things like banners and A-boards for fairs.

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