Time to hit pause #SelfCareSunday

This week I have been taking it easy as I had my wisdom tooth removed on Tuesday. It’s an odd one, a rough few days that will benefit me further down the line. Much like tweeting, emailing or texting your future self as a reminder to do something.

I hit pause on everything I planned as it was an unpredictable few days. Now I am the other side I realise I should try and do that more often.

I have been trying to make a bullet journal layout that can incorporate a more flexible way of working because ‘shit happens’ so you have to know how to make change happen too.

So I spent a ‘bit of time on Pinterest’. You know how it is  – you go for a quick browse and hours pass by. I’m going to post up my new layout for February this coming week so you can see how productive my time was.

By Saturday I was ready to get back into Etsy mode and today I went for a well deserved afternoon tea with Lottie from Paper Ink Alchemy at BTP in Birmingham.

Tea & cake at BTP.

Do you manage to work any ‘downtime’ into your schedule? Or do you end up having to slog it like Wonder Woman or Superman when you should really be resting?


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