Life after an Adenomyosis diagnosis

I had plans for March, but a letter from my local hospital changed all that. My new weekly blog feature was almost ready to launch when I got the news. Now I want to tell you about life after an Adenomyosis diagnosis.

My Adenomyosis Diagnosis in March 2022

The Diagnosis

I received a letter diagnosing me with Adenomyosis, a form of Endometriosis. The letter from the hospital said that they have only been able to diagnose it by ultrasound in the last 2 years. There have been advancements in scanning equipment and sonography training. What a time for such big changes. These diagnostic improvements came about during Covid. This makes it even more surreal to me.

My diagnosis came during Endometriosis Awareness Month. Due to this timing, there was a lot of new information around. I have spent all of March digesting all the information that I could.

No surprise really!

I’ve thought that I had Endometriosis for a number of years. Even so, when I got the diagnosis of it’s lesser known sister illness Adenomyosis, it still unsettled me. I’ve had a mixture of emotions since, with some days being a bit of a see-saw. I don’t have any new symptoms, I’m just more aware of why these things are happening. It’s been a battle to get to here, and I’m not going to give up the fight now. I needed to embrace this new perspective. I bought myself a lovely thumb ring from ValkyrieByFaye. The inscription says ‘Adeno Warrior’. I want to start as I mean to go on.

Period tracking tools I made during my journey to diagnosis.

What is Adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis and Endometriosis are both chronic illnesses. You might not realise, but they have some overlapping symptoms. The main overlap, is the presence of tissue similar to the lining of the womb. The main difference, is the location of the tissue. With Endometriosis, it’s outside the womb. Yet, with Adenomyosis, it’s in the muscular wall of the womb. Both illnesses can cause chronic pelvic pain, and excruciating period pains with heavy blood loss.

There is still a lot to learn about Endometriosis. Unsurprisingly, there is even more to discover about Adenomyosis. In the past, you had to have a hysterectomy to get a diagnosis. This means that help was not available when it was needed most. These days, you can at least get a diagnosis now without surgery. Unfortunately, you still need to have an invasive procedure called a laparoscopy to get a diagnosis of Endometriosis.

A journey to wellness

My next steps are learning to accept my limits. I need to allow myself more time to relax and unwind. Boundaries will need to be put in place and I need to learn to listen to my body. I’m going to fully utilise the time when I feel good and make sure that I enjoy the downtime that I need. I know my self-talk will be kinder now, except during my time of the month when it might be the harshest.

I’m starting to feel more positive about the lifestyle changes that I have to make. I’ve known deep down that I needed to make them, and this is the incentive to put them in place. The fight continues, and I plan to make some fun gifts for my Fussy Geek Wares shop, so I can share the battle with other sufferers.

Period Positive gifts from my journey to diagnosis.

Adenomyosis Awareness Month

I’m happy to announce that Adenomyosis Awareness Month is April, it’s also been conveniently timed for me. I had to write this post to add a contribution to this month of raising awareness of the condition. While I don’t know a great deal about the causes and treatment, I have lived with the symptoms for many years. I am planning to write some follow-ups as I learn more. This blog will hopefully serve as a beacon for anyone searching for information themselves, especially after a diagnosis.

In the first week of my diagnosis, I found and their topics were very encouraging. Their admin were very supportive when I commented on relevant posts. They reached out and offered hugs and called me ‘dear warrior’.

Endo & Adeno Warriors

Thanks for reading about ‘Life after an Adenomyosis diagnosis’. If you, or someone close to you, are an Endometriosis or Adenomyosis sufferer, feel free to share in the comments. You may have read my ‘How to survive 2020‘ blog post. I now plan to write a post for 2022 with some tips relating to dealing with your diagnosis, and the possible lifestyle changes you might need to make.


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