New Year Challenges – 2018

I’m not one for making resolutions or goals as it will inevitably end in disappointment. Obviously I’d love to lose weight and improve my fitness just like most people after the Christmas food and chocolate mountain. I’d rather work that kind of lifestyle change in subconsciously though so I don’t feel like I’m punishing myself.

This New Year’s Day, however, I feel I have a challenge – one that is more suited to the way I think. For Christmas I was given a new journal which is ace as I’ve been working on finding a bullet journal system that will suit me. The difficult part though is knowing what pens to use as the pages go through a range of deep pastel shades.

It really had me stumped for the first few days then I really got the bug. I have 3 white chalk Posca pens that I bought in November that I can use and I will definitely need some new wash tape designs.

This is a challenge that I am well up for. Do you have any pens or washi tape that will compliment my new journal?



  1. 1 January 2018 / 23:59

    I’ve had a (blank) bullet journal for 2yrs now. I need to get my finger out and actually start it! I’m considering making it a book journal as I definitely don’t have the time to do a calender style one properly (when I say properly I mean to my perfectionist standards!) so at least a book one I won’t feel I’m on a time limit

    • 2 January 2018 / 00:15

      Definitely give the book journal a go. You can always try some test pages of other things in the back secretly. I usually end up with a list of things to do for each project that I’m working on as a proper calendar spread stresses me out.

      I have seen a great list format that I like though – it becomes a habit tracker – where you colour the dates in when you’ve done them rather than assign the task to the date ahead of time. This feels more flexible and less restrictive.

  2. 2 January 2018 / 06:24

    Have you had a look in the Paperchase sale? You should be able to pick up some beautiful things.

    • 2 January 2018 / 07:10

      Oooh good idea, I’ll have a mooch! I do love Paperchase. ?

  3. 7 January 2018 / 14:42

    wow loved your blog ..


    do follow back plz:)

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