Lockdown and #the100Dayproject

Lockdown and #the100dayproject seem to make a good pairing. When I decided to take part again this year I didn’t realise it would help me this much. I got so much out of it last year that I was looking forward to getting involved again.

This year I want to develop my design and illustration skills. I plan to learn to add texture to vector graphics and make my own fonts – amongst other things. I’m on Day 15 and still have so many ideas that I still want to create.

I think it’s helping to keep me focused during the lockdown.

This is my lockdown and #the100dayproject to-do list.
My lockdown To Do List!

I’m used to leaving the house most days. So having something ‘To Do’ after I finish my ‘work from home’ day job has been great. I spend at least an hour a day working on it and have posted my results on Instagram.

You can find my posts here.

How the project is going so far

I have worked on it everyday since the project started on 7th April. I have only been counting the days that I post to Instagram. This means that when I miss a post I pick up where I left off again. I’m seeing this year as not just being about developing my processes but also documenting them too.

I can't adult today written in a notebook
I can’t adult today!

For Day 25 – a quarter of the way through the project – I will assess my project again.

In the meantime this was just a quick update. I wanted to let you know that we are all in this weird surreal, dystopian space together. Let’s keep sharing what we are doing so we can all stay motivated to keep on keeping on.

If you’ve visited my blog recently via a link from Twitter or Instagram you will have seen my last post. 6 Self care routines to help you survive 2020. Reading back I still think they are pretty solid tips. Some of which are still relevant today even though the world has changed a lot since I wrote it. I have some new additional self-care routines to share with you shortly in an updated post.

Stay home! Be safe! Live crafty!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about lockdown and #the100dayproject. Have you been trying out any new crafts? I’d love to hear your news so drop a comment about them below.


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