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I’ve recently been rethinking my design workflow. In some of my earlier posts you will see that I’ve been looking into alternative kinds of software. This week I’ve also been looking for new fonts and inspiration that will help to make my logo design workflow much smoother. While I can create them from scratch, sometimes you might need something yesterday and the inspiration is just not coming. In this instance it’s nice to have some tools on-hand that help you get the ideas flowing.

Adding text to Instagram posts!

I often need to create designs that will look eye-catching on stickers and business cards and I know my Instagram images could do with a bit more snazz. I like to make an early draft design to see if I am heading in the right direction. It’s always good to have something to go on before you sink a serious amount of time into it. Having to dissect a complicated design after hours of work is never fun, especially if it contains merged shapes or gradients.

Recycled Bunting Tags
Recycled Bunting Tags

When I am looking for some inspiration during my lunch break – one of the websites that I like to browse is Design Bundles. It doesn’t take long before I am buzzing with ideas as they have lots of design tools to help with your workflow. I specifically liked the 20 logo mockups bundle as it has some excellent design ideas to get you creating something quickly and with ease. You can use the mockups as they currently are or add some additional details to them, whatever works for the branding that you are trying to create.

Recycled Mini Kraft Cards
Basic logos can be used anywhere!

While the idea of adapting a mockup logo might not instantly appeal to you, it won’t be long before you see the benefits in action. Once you have typed in your text and chosen the colours that suit your brand you can see your logo quickly taking shape. What I like most about them is that you can reuse them on a wide range of things from packaging to your social media channels. You can pop the design onto your photos to create a branded look that will help you build your photo style.

Using text to share a message on Instagram!

It’s nice to have these mockups as part of your design stockpile as sometimes the simplest of designs can be the most effective. I love how by simply changing the text from a solid colour to a gradient it gives them a completely different feel. Using a textured look can make them look vintage or rustic while a solid look can be very contemporary. Don’t forget that your choice of card can also make a difference to the feel of a design. With a few simple changes you can give the logo mockup a more personal look and feel that is unique to you.

Aside from creating logos I would also use them for motivational quotes for my Instagram and facebook feed. You could easily design something simple to get people commenting and liking. They would even work to watermark your images if you placed them well and didn’t obscure the actual image. All in all they are very versatile and can liven up a blog or social media post.

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