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Are you a Visual Communicator? Back in the 90’s you studied Vis Comm to become a graphic designer. Nowadays it’s a skill that all people in the creative industries need to learn to share their work and signpost their selling platforms.

My favourite platform for visual communication right now is Instagram. It’s a great place to tell a story using photographs alone.  People on Instagram love a WIP otherwise known as a ‘Work In Progress’. It’s the fly on the wall view into the work space of many talented designers and the journey that takes you to the finished product that really appeals to people.

After using the app for just a short time I have built up a nice collection of photos of my recent work at various stages.  This makes updating other social media sites easier as I already have the images I need.  Leaving me more time to work out what to write.

I have a collection of camera apps for different uses too so I like that you can use the Instagram camera or select a photo from your image library.  This means you can really sculpt what you want to say visually.  The app also has some great editing tools you can use before you post up your image.  My personal favourite is the ‘ADJUST’ option that allows you to tilt or correct the perspective of your photograph.

I seem to have a theme running through a few of my images.  I have been shipping boxes of animals around the world.  Here are my current shipments.

Have you tried using Instagram? If so what are you using it for and what works well for you?  Feel free to share you Instagram link in the comments and I will follow you.

If you’re interested in seeing my work please follow Dayzee Love Designs on Instagram.

If you haven’t tried Instagram would knowing more about how it works help you?


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