What’s in your colour palette?

Making colour palettes for projects is really good fun, I used to do this a lot when working on websites.  You could take a photo of your favourite sunset and use it as the inspiration for your design. I spent many a quiet hour doing this.

My question to you is have you ever made one for yourself?

Using the ColourToy app you can make a colour palette from a photo of yourself. Here’s what my palette looked like:

My colour palette

Oddly, the first make-up I bought from the Body Shop was almost identical to these colours. What’s really nice about the app is that it also gives you the hexadecimal code so you can recreate the colours exactly.

ColourToy app

The exact colour range you get will depend on which part of the photo that you focus on. For example if you focus on your face or your clothing. These are colours that come up quite often for me as some of the colours that I wear are also in this colour range.

A tool like this is definitely something you want to have in your digital toolkit.  It will come in handy on countless occasions, especially when you have limited inspiration.

It’s a lot of fun and also quite interesting to try. I’d love to see what you come up with and what colours are in your palette.


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  1. 6 October 2016 / 07:08

    Oooh sounds interesting, I’ll give that a try, thanks! 🙂

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