Wishing for Snow this winter – iPad Tutorial

Wishing for Snow this Winter? I know some of your are so I created this iPad Tutorial for you. This is my second iPad tutorial and this time I have included a video. It shown the steps you need to take to create this design. The tools you’ll be using are the shape tools and the pencil tool so this is suitable for a beginner. But if you master the techniques used you will be able to apply them to more complicated designs in the future.

wishing for snow this winter
wishing for snow this winter

Where do I find Wishing for Snow – iPad Tutorial?

To access the tutorial click Wishing for Snow – iPad Tutorial on the Cue Apparel blog. It includes a video that shows the steps I used to make up the constituent parts of the design. Then, it explains how to save and export your design including suggestions on file sizes. You’ll then be able to welcome in the winter season and wish for snow. Or share the post on your social media to spread some winter love with your friends and followers.

On the Cue Apparel blog you will also find my previous iPad tutorial How-to Make Cute Content on Your iPad

Using Affinity Designer

Both of these tutorials use Affinity Designer software. Check out my post called Is it time to Shop Small – Design Software. You will find out why I made the switch to Affinity.

Affinity Designer – Available to buy on their website here or the Apple App Store here.

Affinity – offer a 30-day FREE trial for desktop if you don’t have an iPad.

Future iPad Tutorials

You can request topics by leaving a suggestion in the comment box below. I will do my best to create tutorials that cover the topics or themes you’re interested in. If I can’t I will reach out to a creative that can.


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